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The Cry of the Heart: Worship and Prayer

I trusted, even when I said: ‘I am sorely afflicted.’” – Ps 115.10

The Cry of the Heart: Worship and Prayer

On Monday afternoon, a blackbird (a White-winged Chough) found its way into our church only to become caught in the ceiling space with no way of escaping. Despite attempts to encourage the bird to leave, it remained trapped. It was still there through the funeral on Tuesday, and again during Mass on Wednesday.

On Wednesday afternoon, I was blessed to witness the last moments of the bird’s imprisonment.

By now, our friend was very thirsty, having gone two days without water. Around noon on Wednesday, it began raining quite heavily. The bird must have smelled the water outside as it began to cry weakly. It fluttered down from the skylight to perch on the wooden skirting above the sacristy. It still needed to get to the ground; something it had been afraid to do until now. After a few false starts, it finally gathered up the courage, took the risk and landed in the chapel. Still crying, the bird walked slowly towards the doors, being quite weak by now. Its cries took on a new cadence as it walked out into the rain. Once there, the bird lay its head in a puddle and drank.

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