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Sunday gatherings have resumed!

The NSW government has now allowed gatherings in places of worship to resume, and our community can now gather to celebrate Mass and liturgy together. While we expect this will continue, please check our Mass Times page to keep updated, and to see a list of the Covid-safe requirements for attending our church.

The office has also reopened, and is attended Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 9am to 2pm.

Safeguarding of Children and Vulnerable Adults

Our parish is committed to safeguarding children and vulnerable adults. The Office of Safeguarding has been established with significant resources and a powerful mandate to support Catholic communities in the Diocese of Maitland-Newcastle in safeguarding all children and vulnerable adults involved in the life and ministry of our diocese.  You can access a range of information and safeguarding material on the Office of Safeguarding website

You can find information on the key staff in our parish here, and additional information on our commitment to safeguarding here.

While Children’s Liturgy is on hold during this current period of restrictions, our Pastoral Placement Participant, Adele, has prepared some take away activities for the kids.

Copies of these resources will be available in the church each weekend, or you can download them from here. Feel free to take a copy for a young person.

From Christopher

Parish Leader

  • Joy and Peace, Love and Hope

    Christmas is a time of joy and peace, of love and hope. Despite the current health crisis, we can still celebrate Christmas in a true spirit of joy, for Christmas does not rely on presents, parties and large gatherings. Instead it is centred on a lowly manger in the humblest abode, where we encounter the Christ-child.

    We celebrate, because God is with us. The birth of Jesus brought Heaven to earth. God came to dwell with His people. The messiah came so that we might have life in all its fullness – life that continues into eternity with God. God has come to encounter us, so that we might encounter Him.

    In the midst of all the celebration, hype and busyness of Christmas, Jesus offers each one of us an invitation: an invitation to ‘Encounter Him’. Not simply to bend down to peer into the manger, but to encounter the God of the Universe in a personal and life-changing way. Jesus has come to offer us the greatest gift, the gift of Himself for our salvation.

    God loves you, like you were the only person … Think about that for a moment … You are of infinite value and dignity in God’s eyes and Jesus wants to invite you into a deep and meaningful friendship with Him. God knows and cares about all your joys and successes, your sorrows and pain, your trials and failures, your weakness and brokenness and still loves you unconditionally.

    God wants an Encounter with you, will you open your heart to the Child of mercy: to the one who laid His head in the manger, died on the Cross and rose to bring you life? Will you let God encounter you and open your heart to ‘Encounter Jesus’ in return? This is the invitation of Christmas. May your encounter with Jesus this Christmas be a source of eternal hope, joy, peace and love.

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Prayer Intentions

Living Prayer

We pray… For all families, that they may stay safe and well and Encounter Jesus in a special way this Christmas. Lord, hear our prayer.