Our church community will gather for Mass each Sunday and Wednesday

We have now returned to a more regular pattern of activity at St Joseph’s. For now, we will continue with our 9am Mass on Sunday and 9.30am Mass on Wednesday. Sundays will look like this:

Week 1 Mass – Fr Geoff
Week 2 Mass – Fr Kevin
Week 3 Mass – Fr Geoff
Week 4 Mass – Fr Kevin
(Week 5) Mass – Fr Geoff

We ask that everybody continues to comply with the entry process and the safety procedures. It is important that we maintain our vigilance at this time.

Any parishioners who are at risk, those with compromised health and those who are sick, feeling unwell, or have recently travelled to known hotspots are asked to refrain from attending gatherings at the moment..

  • The number of attendees is limited by law to meet available space limitations, and this will be strictly observed.
  • You will be required to leave contact details when attending for contact tracing if required. This can be done via a QR Code or by recording your details on a paper register at the door.
  • You will be required to observe social distancing as directed by ushers at each service.
  • At this time, the wearing of face masks to our gatherings is compulsory.