Living Prayer

We pray for all those in need within our community.

May our preparation for Christ’s coming move our hearts to reach out to the poor, the hurting and the lonely.

May we be generous in our giving, compassionate in caring and witnesses of the love of Jesus.

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Encounter Jesus

The call to ‘Encounter Jesus’ is both an invitation and a mission.

We are an open, welcoming community that seeks to share the life and love of Jesus with every person we encounter.

As a community, we strive to create those spaces where anyone can freely encounter the person of Jesus.

We are further challenged to encounter Jesus in each other, in the world and in the life of the Church.

From Brendon

Parish Leader

Salvation is Here

“…And all shall see the salvation of God.” – Lk 3.6

Israel was waiting to be saved.

The writings of the Old Testament are filled with God’s promises to his people to set them free. God promised to send a saviour, a deliverer—the Messiah. For centuries, the people of Israel trusted and waited for the one that God would send. In today’s gospel, we hear John the Baptist announce that the wait is over.

But who could have expected the way that God would fulfil his promise?

People were expecting a military victory. People were expecting the establishment of a political kingdom. People were expecting a change in fortunes. They got Jesus.
Jesus who enters our life and brings peace of heart and soul. Jesus who brings forgiveness. Jesus who sets us free from selfishness and pride. Jesus who brings the life and love of God. Wow!

Many today are waiting to be saved.

We look everywhere for the promise of a better life. We look to technology to make our lives easier. We look to governments to establish a peaceful state. Even within the Church, we might hope that change and reform will set us free.

Within all our hoping and searching, maybe we too will encounter Jesus.

This same Jesus who saves us. Jesus who sets us free. Jesus who transforms our lives.

Jesus might not be the saviour we were expecting, but He might just be the saviour we need.

What are we hoping for this Christmas?

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