Moira leads our Ministry of Care. Our parish has a long history of reaching out to those who are not able to gather with us. Moira is part of our parish story; her mum, Pearl, made these same visits with our SVDP Conference for over 15 years.

The Ministry of Care do exactly as we commission them, in our prayer at the end of our Sunday Mass. They are a group of devoted people who visit folks, who can’t be with us at our celebration. They take with them the thoughts, prayers and love from the congregation. They pray with them, read the gospel to them and bring to them the most Holy Sacrament of Eucharist. In effect, they take “church” to them. These folks may be at home, in a nursing home or in hospital.

Pre-COVID our ministry was quite a prolific group. We visited the four nursing homes, our private hospital and various folk in their homes. We endeavoured to do this straight from Mass. We also held monthly liturgies at the nursing homes. We had a team of around twenty people who were on a regular roster and faithfully
attended these roles for many years. One couple have made visits for over twenty years!!

COVID brought an immediate halt to all our duties. All we could do was provide them with our bulletins and keep them in our thoughts and prayers. And the team had a well-earned break!!

By September of last year, we were able to visit one person, per visit, per day and by appointment only at Kilpatrick Court and FigTree. Carey Bay Nursing Home had closed and some of our folk had moved to Teralba. And so, we donned our masks, had temperature recorded, answered copious questions and keeping our distances, we visited our dear folk, who were yearning for the visit and more so the ability to receive Holy Communion. Over time this has developed into a regular weekly visit, and we have reconnected with twelve residents in Kilpatrick and one lady in FigTree. Currently there are three people making home visits and one visiting the care facilities.

Our home visits ebb and flow and there is always a kind offer to accommodate. Just recently a lovely lady, on hearing of a fellow parishioner about to undergo major heart surgery, asked me if she could help out. Wow, a new recruit!!! And a connection of the best kind made.

So, more recruits, I’d love to welcome you on board. The rewards are immeasurable. Come and see me.