Our community, in collaboration with DARA (Development and Relief Agency) has put in a submission to receive funding under My Community Project. The Toronto Community Kitchen (located at St Joseph’s Community Centre) will provide a free meal and Food bank to the marginalised in our community and all who are in need.

The electorate of Lake Macquarie is being asked to vote on the projects:

  • Voting takes place online, or in person at any Service NSW Service Centre (there is one in Toronto). Voting closes on 15th August.
  • You must be a resident of the electorate of Lake Macquarie to vote for the Toronto Community Kitchen.
  • You can only vote once.
  • You are eligible to vote if you are 16 years and over with a valid Medicare card.
  • You must have, or register for, a MyServiceNSW Account (an online account for NSW government services, such as car rego, licences etc).
  • You will be able to select three to five projects as part of your vote.

There are many different local projects available and our community should be the better for these opportunities.

Please take 10 minutes and do your part to change our community; and don’t forget to encourage your family and friends to do likewise!

Sharing a meal is a simple but powerful way of forming connection and building community. A community that knows and supports each other will become a stronger community. If you have a heart for the marginalised and lonely within our community, please consider voting for Toronto Community Kitchen in your number one spot.