Register for Christmas Mass – TEST PAGE ONLY

Welcome to St Joseph’s Christmas Mass registration page.

You will be aware of the many restrictions required for us to stay safe during the coronavirus pandemic, and unfortunately one of these requirements limits the capacity of our church during services. Under current regulations, we are only permitted to admit 103 persons into the church.

This cap will be strictly observed, and this means our Door Warden required under our COVID Safety Plan will need to turn away persons once the limit is reached. From past experience, we expect our Christmas services will not be able to accommodate everyone wanting to attend.

To provide certainty, we have implemented a pre-registration process so everyone will know in advance if they are able to attend.

You MUST REGISTER to attend any of our Christmas Masses.

Registration takes just a few minutes, and can only be done on-line. Registrations will be open from 1st December to 17th December, after which a ballot will be held to determine places at each service. We will advise the outcome of the ballot to everyone who registered, and we expect this to be no later than 20th December.

Any remaining places after the ballot will be filled on a first-come-first-served basis.

We hope this is fair to all.

Please contact the parish office if you have any questions regarding this process.