Planned Giving

The operating expenses of St Joseph’s Toronto are covered by monies received from the Planned Giving scheme and other donations and bequests. The operating expenses include all the running costs for the buildings & grounds (electricity, insurance, maintenance) as well as consumable items and wages of the parish staff.
The Planned Giving scheme involves members of our community making a financial commitment by agreeing to donate a set amount on a regular basis, usually weekly. While this scheme is vital to the financial health of the parish and our ability to fulfill our mission, donations outside the Planned Giving scheme and one-off gifts are also very welcome.
Parishioners are encouraged to join the Planned Giving scheme. Each parishioner receives an identifying number, which enables receipts to be issued each financial year to enable a tax deduction to be claimed for part of the amount given. The link between the identifier number and the person’s name is maintained in the strictest confidence.
Options for how to contribute to the Planned Giving scheme are contained on our donations page.