“Worked for love and persevered through hope…” – 1Thess1.3

We have a unique model of parish here at Toronto. We value collaboration and the exercise of co-responsibility in ministry and decision making. To faithfully exercise these values, I meet regularly with our Parish Team, Parish Vision Team and the Parish Finance Council. To the best of our ability, we try to exercise decision-making by discernment, listening to everybody’s input and prayerfully reflecting. Outcomes are often not a majority voice, but a synthesis of all that we have heard.

I am also meeting monthly with Fr Geoff (our Priest Supervisor), Fr Kevin (our Sacramental Priest) and the Leadership Team from Morisset. This is also an important listening space as we all share in the responsibility for the pastoral care of two parishes. As new people share their gifts in this model, we continue to discern our roles and our ministry accordingly.

Now that Toronto and Morisset share in the gifts of the two priests available to us, we have re-discerned the schedule of Masses and Liturgies. In recent years, we’ve struggled to find priests to celebrate Mass with us. Now we have two priests consistently available.

Starting in November, we will celebrate Mass every Sunday. Sunday Celebration of the Word with Communion will take place on those occasions when no priest is available. We will also look for opportunities for lay-preaching and reflection giving throughout our celebrations.

This decision also frees me as Parish Leader to invest time and energy into building a vision of community beyond our weekend celebrations. This is something that I have wanted to pursue more directly and the events of the past year have highlighted this need.

As always, if anyone would like to speak to me about this process of discernment, please feel free to come and chat.