“ Repent, and believe the Good News.” – Mk 1.15

Letting Go

On Ash Wednesday morning, our community gathered for Mass. It was different this year. The familiar ritual of placing a cross of ash on our foreheads was not possible due to the effect of the pandemic. And yet, by not doing something that had become so much a part of who we are, we were challenged to reflect on ‘why’ we do these things. And hasn’t this been the challenge of our past year – a rethinking of what we do and why we do it?

Perhaps, this year, we may even reflect more deeply on what we do during Lent. Why do I give things up? Why do I take up positive activities – like prayer, fasting and charity?

Fr Kevin said something in the homily on Wednesday that has stuck with me through the week. He said that Lent is a time of letting go of those things that take away from our identity as sons and daughters of God.

What are those things that take away from my identity as a child of God?

What are those things that get in the way of my relationship with Jesus?

What do I need to let go of?

This week, we will begin meeting in small groups for ‘contemplative dialogue’ around the Synodal Lenten resource, Building the Kingdom of God Together. The invitation is open to all of us – whether in small groups, as families or couples, and as individuals – to engage with the material and to reflect deeply on what it means to us.

What resonates with me? What challenges me? What is the invitation to me personally and for our community?

This is not a journey for just a few. It is for all of us. The experience of the Synod will bring change and renewal for all of us. That renewal begins with my own heart, my own openness to the Holy Spirit.

Copies of the booklet are available after our gathering on Sunday or from the Parish Office.