Sunday Celebrations of The Word with Communion

This page contains information and plans for the introduction of weekend celebrations in the absence of a priest.

This Faith Matters video was prepared in the parish as part of the formation process for parishioners in preparation for the first Sunday Celebration of The Word with Communion:

The Ministries

Lay Liturgical Leader: The Lay Liturgical Leader leads the ritual as one of the assembly. He or she leads the community in the prayers and actions of the ritual, while remaining with the assembly to hear the Word of God and the reflection.

Reflection Giver: After the gospel is proclaimed, a member of the assembly opens the Word of God for the community, making sense of the readings for today’s people. This is known as a reflection.

Leader of the Communion Rite: Special Ministers of Communion bring from the tabernacle hosts that have been consecrated at an earlier Eucharistic celebration. The Leader of the Communion Rite then leads the assembly through some short prayers and the reception of Communion.

Lectors (Readers): Each reading is proclaimed by a different lector, including the Gospel. After each reading the assembly reflects in silence.