AMeN Camino

Yes, we are on our way to God!
Christopher, my husband Phillip and I set out on Saturday August 5 for a five-day pilgrimage walk. The ‘aMeN caMiNo’ is offered by the Maitland Newcastle Diocese. It offers an
opportunity to escape the “noise” of the world, encounter creation and journey with God and others.

We started on the riverbank at Maitland at St John’s Chapel, the original cathedral of the Diocese which opened in 1866. Our travels took us into the mountains and forests of the
Hunter, around the lake and along the coastline. On the last day we were welcomed and blessed at Sacred Heart Cathedral. Our journey finished as we each rang the Cathedral bells in

We had walked one hundred kilometres. We visited gardens of towering gymea lilies and glistening grass trees. We listened to the trees and to each other. We left our burdens on mountain tops. We walked through clouds and witnessed the heaving breath of the ocean.

“All you have to do is start walking. As we walk we become lighter, leaner, looser. We see more clearly as we gradually become more empty…. And the more empty we become, the more room there is for God to fill us.”

Fr Daniel O’Leary

The Diocese will offer this Camino again next winter. They are also planning a smaller two-day option and walks that can be completed in a few hours.

Come and walk the way with them.