By those who love her, Wisdom is readily seen, and found by those who look for her.” – Wis 6.12

Our liturgical year is coming to an end. We have moved through the Feasts of All Saints and All Souls, and as we approach the Feast of Christ the King, our readings direct us to look beyond our earthly life and contemplate our eternal existence.
Today’s readings speak powerfully into our experience of the past year. The events of 2020 have challenged many things that we take for granted. Perhaps we have refocused on what is important in life. As a community, we are continually discerning how to respond in these changing circumstances.
These readings also contain a message of hope for God’s children. In the first reading, we learn that Wisdom, God’s Holy Spirit, is never far from those who look for her. Even in the midst of difficult circumstances, God’s Spirit brings comfort and consolation.
In the second reading, we are encouraged to take comfort in God’s promises to us through Jesus. God desires that everyone is drawn into a relationship with Him, through life and death, through times of prosperity and disaster, through the ups and the downs.
Today’s gospel encourages us to always be alert and ready for Jesus’ coming. We may view this through the lens of the promised second coming, but also we need to be looking for Jesus’ coming in our everyday life. Jesus comes to us disguised as life. Every day holds the opportunity for us to encounter Jesus in the people and circumstances that surrounds us.
Which brings us to our experience of 2020.
How do we view the circumstances that surround us?
What gives us hope in this present time?
Where do we see the Spirit moving, and where are we being called to encounter Jesus in new ways?
When we look back, how will we see 2020?