Parish Pastoral Plan


Our parish participates in the Diocese of Maitland Newcastle’s pastoral planning process. This involves the Parish Pastoral Council preparing a Parish Pastoral Plan based on the guidelines issued by the Diocese.

This plan must be approved by a meeting of all parishioners (the Parish Assembly) which is held about every 2 years. The most recent Parish Assembly was held in November 2009, and approved the current Pastoral Plan as shown on this page.

You can download a pdf copy of the plan; this document is suitable for double-sided printing to form a small booklet. (You’ll need Adobe Acrobat reader installed – you can get a free copy here if you don’t already have it.)

Mission Statement

“A concise statement of the purpose of our parish”

As a Catholic faith community, we at St Joseph’s are called to participate fully in the life and mission of the Church.

Nourished by the bread of life (the scriptures and the Eucharistic body of Christ), our parish, in striving to build God’s Kingdom, encourages all to share of their time and talents.

Vision Statement

“Where do we see ourselves in 5 years; what are our priorities?”

Faith Community

Our Parish will view itself as a Catholic community of faith, called to participate fully in promoting the “Kingdom of God here on Earth”. Parish life will remain centred on the spiritual nourishment of the Eucharistic Body of Christ, and be guided by the Scriptures.


We will recognise the importance of an active liturgy team to enhance the vitality and relevance of our celebrations. Our Parish will support this team by providing the training and resources necessary to continue to provide well-planned, vibrant and diverse liturgies.

Prepare for the Future

We will identify and address challenges facing our Parish in a spirit of optimism, guided by the Holy Spirit, so that we are ready to approach change openly, faithfully and in a spirit of discernment. We will develop the gifts of our parishioners with purpose and confidence to meet the needs of our parish now and in the future.

Faith Formation

Because we understand that we are all on a faith journey, we will provide opportunities for all parishioners to further enhance their spiritual life through faith formation.

School and Church together

The unity between Church and School life will be evident through the active involvement of students and parents in the celebration of the Eucharist. Our Parish and School communities will work closely together to discover and develop ideas to connect our Catholic way of life to the day-to-day experiences of students and their families.

Community Support and Outreach

We will love and care for our Parish members and provide support in times of grief and hardship. We will strive to ensure that all parishioners are made to feel welcome at parish gatherings. We will identify and reach out to those members not active in church life, at the neighbourhood level, and strive to provide a sense of belonging and ownership to all.


“What do we want to do to achieve our vision?”


“What specific aims do we have for the next 12 months?”

Goal 1: To build, foster and nurture relationships between the Church and School communities of St Joseph’s Toronto.

Objective 1.1 Promote participation of the School community in the celebration of weekend Masses by:
  • Supporting the continuation of Family Masses each month.
  • Encouraging participation of students and their families in the Family Mass.
  • Providing a welcoming environment for children and young people during all celebrations of the Eucharist
Objective 1.2 Work towards more effective communication between the School and Parish by:
  • Maintaining a representative from the Parish Pastoral Team or Parish Pastoral Council at P&F meetings.
  • Arranging a joint lunch or dinner function for members of the school executive and parish leaders at least once per year. This function will provide a forum to discuss a particular topic of joint interest.
  • Ensuring weekly bulletins prepared by each community are freely available in both communities.
Objective 1.3 Find opportunities for School and Parish communities to work together, including:
  • Ensuring celebrations in school and parish life are jointly supported and celebrated
  • Planning a joint celebration between school and parish communities annually. For 2010, this will be the 25th anniversary of the founding of the school and church at the current location. Other opportunities include the feast day of St Joseph, or the feast day of Mary MacKillop.
  • Increasing the involvement of the parish community in Catholic Schools Week.
  • Carrying out a joint fund-raising activity during 2010.
  • Jointly working on a some social justice issue/s.

Goal 2:To further develop open communication and co-operation with Morisset Parish, in anticipation of closer ties in the future.

Objective 2.1 Facilitate open communication with Morisset parish by:
  • Providing access to minutes of our Parish Team and Parish Council meetings to Morisset Parish.
  • Requesting at least 2 meetings each year between members of the Parish Teams and Councils from each parish.
  • Planning a joint celebration and/or social function with Morisset parish once per year.
Objective 2.2 In anticipation of a future need for closer co-operation between our communities:
  • Continuing to investigate joint planning structures between Morisset and Toronto parishes
  • Examining options for participation of both parishes in selected parish ministries.