Seasonal and Special Masses and Liturgy

Weekend Mass Times

Please note that our parish will hold a Sunday Celebration of the Word with Communion about once per month. These celebrations enable our community to gather in worship in the absence of a priest. They will be held instead of Mass (on both the Saturday evening and Sunday gatherings) generally on the first weekend of each month, but please check our parish calendar for the actual dates as they vary to accommodate the seasons of the church.

Saturday Vigil

5:30 pm outside of daylight saving periods (i.e during winter months)

6:00 pm during daylight saving (i.e. during summer months)


8:00 am

Family Mass

Approximately once per month, a Family Mass is held on Saturday evenings, with the liturgy planned to involve our young families. Please see the parish calendar for dates.

Weekday Mass times

The times and availability of Masses or Liturgies on week days vary. Please see our bulletin.


Reconciliation is normally held from 1 hour before the Saturday Vigil Mass (i.e. 4:30 pm or 5:00 pm depending on the season). Also, see the parish bulletin for special reconciliation services.

Praying Times For Our Community

 “Where two or three are gathered in my name there am I gathered  in their midst.”  Matt. 18:20

Praying together with our just and compassionate God … for healing, forgiveness and peace in our Church and in our world.

Exposition Of The Blessed Sacrament

 When:    Friday mornings following the 9.00am Liturgy.

 Reciting The Scriptural Rosary

When:    Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday mornings at 9.20am.

Place:    Chapel, St. Joseph’s Church, Toronto.