BaptismBaptism is the Sacrament that begins the journey of initiation into the Catholic Church. It is a grace-filled moment where one is immersed into the life of Jesus Christ. It is an important decision that parents make in seeking Baptism for their children, and so it is necessary that a time of preparation precede the event.

Here at Toronto, the journey of Baptism usually begins with a phone call to the Parish Office (49592777). During this discussion you will be asked some questions and invited to a Baptism Preparation Meeting. You will be asked whether you reside ordinarily within the Parish (special circumstances need to exist to be baptised outside of your local parish). Also, at least one parent needs to be a baptised Catholic.

After the phone conversation, we will send you confirmation letter and some additional information about the Baptism.

The Preparation Meeting is held on the first Sunday of every month in the Parish Meeting Room. It is very important that parents attend this meeting. This is when the date of Baptism will be confirmed. Only in rare circumstances will arrangements be made outside the Preparation Meeting. The Preparation Meeting itself includes discussion on Baptism, the responsibilities and expectations of the parents, and the practicalities of the ceremony.

Baptisms at St Joseph’s are generally on the 2nd and 4th Sunday of the month. On the day of the Baptism, families are encouraged to be at the church by 10.45am for an 11am start (unless other arrangements have been made).

At St Joseph’s, we encourage families to view Baptism as a desire to belong to the worshipping community, and therefore, we genuinely seek to support families in finding a way to take an active part in the life of the community. This is achieved through activities such as St Ann’s Playgroup, Family Masses, GodStart, Belong and social events. For more information on how your family can be a part of the community life of our parish, contact the Parish Office.