Living Prayer

As we enter the Easter season of new life and resurrection, we pray:

· That through the sacrament of reconciliation, we experience the mercy of God.
· For safe and happy travels for all those on holidays at this time.
· For a renewal of all members of our community and their families as we encounter Jesus.
· For all those within our community who need healing either spiritually, physically or emotionally.
· To be open to the spirit of outreach, as we live out the mission in our community.

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Encounter Jesus

The call to ‘Encounter Jesus’ is both an invitation and a mission.

We are an open, welcoming community that seeks to share the life and love of Jesus with every person we encounter.

As a community, we strive to create those spaces where anyone can freely encounter the person of Jesus.

We are further challenged to encounter Jesus in each other, in the world and in the life of the Church.

From Brendon

Parish Leader

Encountering Jesus

“Blessed is the King who comes in the name of the Lord!” – Lk 19.38

Do we get excited when a person or event brings us into an experience of the love of God?

In our first Gospel reading today, the people cried out, “Hosanna,” a word which is used to express adoration, praise and joy. It is the heartfelt response of someone who has encountered the life-changing presence of Jesus Christ.

Over the past months we have been breaking open the vision at the heart of our mission as a parish: Encounter Jesus.

We are each called to encounter Jesus, to experience his love, and allow that to transform our lives. This is the call of discipleship. But it doesn’t end there. We are called to take this life-changing love out to the world, to engage others, to share their stories, to share this Jesus encounter.

The journey of Holy Week is an opportunity for all of us to encounter Jesus. As we walk with Jesus through his passion, death and resurrection, we are able to reflect on the central mysteries of our faith. But more than this, we are drawn into a relationship of love that can radically change our life, our community and our world.

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